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Our Retreats and Workshops

Alive Workshop - 2.5 days. Empowering individuals to understand their life's journey and their power of CHOICE, how to identify and release beliefs and habits that hold them back and how to attract and create real, lasting results. Learn to work with the 7 aspects of yourself: your scribe, baggage, shadow, inner child, safety suit, guide and your light for a vibrant, fulfilling, abundant life.

Alive Retreat - 2.5 days to revive and clarify life purpose, tap into inner power, energy, inspiration and passion and how to create abundance in all areas of your life. Includes working with nature and the 7 aspects of self to understand and release anything holding you back from achieving desired results (held in the Drakensberg or Magaliesberg and soon to be global)

Connect for Women Retreat - 2.5 days. Guiding WOMEN on their very special journey towards connecting with their soul, building self-esteem, loving relationships, finding their place in the world and living effortlessly in flow. Themes include identity, authenticity, deservability, relationships, purpose, creating, vitality and letting go (held in the Drakensberg)

Lead to Succeed for Business Teams and Leaders - 2.5 days. Raising awareness of limiting and enabling beliefs, habits, behaviours and the power of CHOICE to grow and change. Build emotional intelligence, leadership characteristics, team cohesiveness, diversity appreciation and commitment for exceptional personal and business results.

Quantum Retreat (new 2020) - 2.5 days to build your brain and heart coherence and expand your energy, health and potential through breath, meditation and connecting with nature. (held in the Drakensberg or Magaliesberg and soon to be global)

Quantum Coaching (new 2020) - This is for senior executives who wish to optimise their own health, energy and impact as a leader and influencer of many. It is a series of coaching sessions followed by a Quantum Retreat with other executives